Ms. Chutinun Seenprachawong

Ms. Chutinun Seenprachawong

I am the founder of Retirement and Wellness website who graduated an MBA program in Hospitality Management from Switzerland. Back in 2007 during my internship in Zurich, I lived in the area called “Leimbach” where I found an elderly community.

There were accommodations providing nurses, medical cares, and facilities to support the residents for more comfortable and secure living. These has enlightened me, and I have been passionate about how to create a better quality of life for the elderly.

Since 2009, I have started working for my family businesses about precast manufacturer and real estate business in Songkhla, a southern province of Thailand. I have collected my experiences and interests in several projects, especially retirement and wellness properties in Thailand. Here, I would like to share to the world and to promote Thailand as one of the best destinations for retirement and long stay with our strengths, resources, services, and wisdoms to make you have such the best living in this whole year warm country.

Retirement and Wellness, we are a hub of gathering and sharing information about properties and wellness in Thailand. We are willing to recommend and personalize to your exact requirements and concerns. We can assist you to filter your preferences and required services that will make you comfortably stay in Thailand. We are gratefully welcoming you to where you feel like home with at most privileges and the greatest hospitality on your unforgettable journey in Thailand.

Welcome to Thailand…Now, it is time to live your best life!!

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